The History of Armbruster Jewelers

Armbruster Jewelers has been around since 1884. Yes, 1884! Anna Marie Armbruster starts our 5th generation of Armbrusters working at Armbrusters. Likewise, many area families have shopped at Armbruster Jewelers for generations. Not just children, but grandchildren and their children. It’s been their family tradition.

A century-old store does have certain bragging rights. But age is relative. We should not be rewarded because we got old, but we should be recognized for how we got old. It means building trust. It means having the right products, the right people and the right price. It means we’ve done the right things over and over year after year after year. So start your own tradition. Shop Armbruster Jewelers. Just remember… the name on the box is just as important as what’s inside.